Sunday, August 12, 2007

At, you can save $10 off of any 9.99+ purchase multiple times.

I bought:
2 Back Care Conditioning kits (reg 40.00) on sale for 9.99, after code CSAS = -0.01 each
1 Women's Organic Cotton T-Shirt 10.00 sale, after code 0.00
2 Set of 3 Flour Sack Towels 10.00 sale, after code 0.00 each
1 Retro-Stripe Printed Yoga Mat 10.00 sale, after code 0.00

We'll see if it goes through! There are $100-200 yoga kits on sale for 19.99 if you're into that. I'm putting some of these away for Christmas - at least the back conditioning kits. I'm thinking I'll give Evie the yoga mat to practice her somersaults on.

Just choose any item 9.99+ and enter code CSAS before checkout. If your item is 9.99 or 10.00, your shipping will also be free, making this an awesome deal!

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Kris said...

The deals aren't quite as good now, but I did get a pack of leslie sansone dvds for $15, including shipping. Considering that usually one goes for that amount, that's a great deal. (not exactly sure how many are in the pack though!)