Sunday, May 29, 2011

Applied Nutrition Triple Calcium @ Walgreens

So the big question this past week was whether or not the Applied Nutrition Triple Calcium at Walgreens would be a money-maker or "just" free.  Your mileage is going to vary widely on this. Free is, of course, just fine, but if you can get $5 or $6 put back in your pocket for each bottle you buy, even better!

I went to Walgreens this morning. (Ritz Crackerfuls FAIL!) But my Grand Rapids Walgreens had plenty of the Calcium in the store. I also found a booklet in the pharmacy titled "Answers at Walgreens - Vitamins and Supplements" that had a $1/1 Applied Nutrition Supplements. The June Walgreens book also has a $5/1 Applied Nutrition Supplements.

I've heard that some stores are programming the cash register to accept the coupons and some aren't. I'm sure that each store will have a policy in place before too long about this deal. Walgreens has denied use of coupons that match with words but not with pictures in the past, so they may do that this time too. You'll have to decide before you go whether or not you want the deal if it's free or if you'd rather pass if it doesn't turn out to be a money-maker. One thing to check: If they say that the pictures don't match but have the coupons attached in the store to items other than the ones pictured, you could use that as an argument. It's my belief that they need to honor the coupons because the wording doesn't give any exclusions or specifications.

I took everything up to the cash register, and while the coupons did beep, the cashier pushed them through. So this was a $6 MM for me this time. Yay! It's worth trying!

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