Thursday, June 9, 2011

Groupon to The Nutty Guys - National Deal

Yet ANOTHER Father's Day idea.  Today's Groupon is Pay $10 for $25 worth of product from The Nutty Guys!  Note, shipping is NOT included.  They have a LOT of different things that any guy would love:

Nutty Guys sports a massive selection of nuts, dried fruit, candied delights, organic goodies, raw peanuts, raw Spanish peanuts (each starting at $3.73/8 oz.), wasabi peanuts ($3.37/8 oz.), mango cubes ($3.75), apple-juice-sweetened blueberries ($7.15/8 oz.), chocolate-covered pretzels ($6.70/1 lb.), butter toffee almonds ($8.38/1 lb.), or cinnamon gummy bears ($3.67/8 oz.). And MUCH more!

You only have today to purchase this deal, and you don't have to be in Grand Rapids to get it since this is an online deal.  If you're new to Groupon, sign up HERE. If you've already signed up, check out the deal HERE.

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