Friday, June 3, 2011 - Box of Used Kids Clothes/Toys $5 + Shipping!

Have you been going through your kids' closets and sorting things that don't fit any longer? is a site where moms can swap kids clothes and toys. The service is free to join and boxes of "preloved" clothes and toys costs just $5 plus shipping. New members receive a one-time offer of your first box FREE plus shipping.

It's nice because you can browse through what is in the boxes that other moms have packaged up. Then when you see a box that looks like something you might want, you just order it right to your door. Likewise, when you're sorting a certain size clothing, make a note of what you have, enter it in to the site, and when someone else likes your box, you ship it to them in a box that ThredUp sends you with a mailing label that ThredUp gives you. Easie-peasie. Check it out and see if they have something you might like!

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