Friday, August 22, 2008

Yo Yo

No - I haven't turned into a thug. ;) I mean yo yo as in these really cool yo yos that I just bought off of Etsy. Aren't they fabulously shabby chic? I LOVE them! I bought them from Yo Yo Cottage. I think they will make very good flowers for my button bouquets. I'm envisioning a button in the center of the hole with a stem through it all. Oh, I can't WAIT to get them. :D Can you tell I'm excited??

Today was Thursday - garage sale day! I had a lot of fun going saling today...nothing to rave about, but I did find some very cool bottles for my bouquets, an old chalkboard for the kids to play with, some really pretty shirts for me, and some clothes for the kids as well. I was really bummed because I saw a very vintage-looking dresser at a garage sale for only $20. Knowing my friend was looking for one, I mentioned it to her a couple of hours later. We went back to buy it, and it was already sold. UGH! It was soooo cute. For only $20, I could have used it!

DH and I finally dragged in this old-fashioned know, the furniture peice that opens up and has a record player on the inside? It's a beautiful piece that my friend got a week ago for free at an estate sale. Her hubby wouldn't even let her bring it inside. So she hauled it to me. After letting it sit outside for a week, we dragged it in, and lo-and-behold, the thing works! The radio plays very well, and the speakers are kick-a$. Pretty cool for free! I wish my house was a little bigger though. I don't have the room for it really.

Speaking of more room, in about a week we get to find out if the house (that we purchased in June) will really get to be ours. It's a loooooooong story, which I'm sure you'd love to hear about, but I'll keep it short. DH and I bought a house from a friend. He was the trustee for his mother's estate. His sister lived there prior to our purchasing it, but she had been in rehab for drugs after getting her kids taken away. While she was out, our friend wanted to get it sold and cleaned up to give her a fresh start with her portion of the money. BUT, the day we closed on the house, she broke out of rehab and went back to the house. Since she lived there, the police couldn't remove her. Two months later, she's still there, and we haven't been in the house since we bought it. Sigh. We do, however, own the mortgage, so we have to pay that. Sigh. On September 2, the family goes to court to get her out of there. Then the judge with either approve or rescind the sale of the house. Say some prayers for God's will - whatever that may be at this point!

So yesterday, I had a MAJOR I-hate-my-body day. I'm sure you know what I mean, right? Yea. You know that kind of a day. Everything made me feel miserable, and the self-hate talk just went on and on and on. I'm reading this book, "Love to Eat, Hate to Eat," and it's about food addictions in whatever form you may have them - anorexia, bulemia, overeating, etc. I'm your classic overeater. I definitely have an addiction to food. I plan it. I enjoy it. I think about it. I beat myself up about it. I say "oh forget it" and enjoy it some more and really hate myself for it. I am not hugely overweight...minimally maybe. But that's because I'm nursing at the moment. The problem isn't my weight really. It's more about the focus. Even when I'm dieting with Weight Watchers, the focus is there. I decided I am sick and tired of worshiping food. I need to be worshiping God instead! He is helping me through it. I'm stubborn though, and at times I'll willfully turn my back to Him while I snarf down some yummy treats. Anyway, writing about it is kind of nice. It takes the secret out of it, and when you do that, you pop a hole in the devil's balloon. He loves deep, dark secrets after all.

Okay. Best finish up and get to bed. Tomorrow comes early.

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Me+3 said...

You are SUCH a thug...I mean you can call me a Jehovah's Witness so I can attest to the fact that you are a thug! ha ha. Just kidding.
Had to comment on that though. You can erase my rude comment if you'd like.